Types of Tea

Camellia sinensis is the plant from which all tea is produced. The differences between the huge number of tea varieties are the region where it was grown, the processing method and the season picked.
Taste, health profits and caffeine level are the main characteristics for tea types. They are unique for each type. Our teas coming from across the globe including those from Japanese and China fit into the four main categories of tea: black, oolong, green and white. We also carry herbal teas, that do not contain Camellia sinensis plant.
You have an opportunity to find out your favorite tea type by visiting our Gottatea store and tasting our premium teas. The following tea descriptions will help you to learn more about different tea varieties. You can also find information about health benefits of tea and browse our full selection of loose leaf teas.

Black Teas

Black tea is the most widespread type as people all over the world make their tea by dipping tea bags of black tea in their cups and enjoy the rich taste. Being a fully fermented tea, black tea contains about 20% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. The health benefits include possible reduction of heart disease risk due to its partial prevention of cholesterol absorption. Black teas are good for blood sugar level and blood pressure regulation, for gingivitis and tooth decay prevention. Learn more about black tea or taste our Black Teas.

Oolong Teas

Oolong tea, or wu long tea, is usually recognized as the Chinese tea served in Chinese restaurants. Oolong tea has full-bodied flavor and sweet aroma. As a semi-fermented tea is has about 15% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Oolong teas are good for weight loss as they boost the metabolism rate by breaking down oils and fats. Learn more about oolong tea or taste our Oolong Teas.

Green Teas

Being one of the most popular types of tea, green tea is often mixed with fruits or scented with flowers to make it flavored. It has approximately 5-10% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Green teas are very wholesome, having the high level of cancer-fighting antioxidants, helping to lower blood pressure and to regulate blood sugar levels, fighting cavities and gingivitis. Learn more about green tea or taste our Green Teas.

White Teas

White tea contains very little caffeine. It is characterized as least processed, having a light color and flavor. It has the highest level of cancer-fighting antioxidants, helps to bring down your cholesterol level and is wonderful for your skin and complexion. Learn more about white tea or taste our White Teas.

Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is typically rich in vitamin C and caffeine-free. It is often called a tisane, as it has nothing from Camellia family plants at all. We can speak of three types of herbal teas: rooibos teas, mate teas, and herbal infusions. The last usually contain flowers, fruits and pure herbs. Delicious herbal teas have different health benefits depending on the type. They are delicious hot or iced. Learn more about herbal tea or taste our Herbal Teas.

Rooibos Teas

Being made from a South African red bush, rooibos tea, or red tea, is surprisingly rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and has a higher antioxidant level as compared to green tea. Rooibos tea is good for digestion, relieves allergies, makes bones, teeth and skin healthy. Learn more about rooibos tea or taste our Rooibos Teas.

Mate Teas

Mate tea is made from the leaves and twigs of the yerba mate plant. Being equally energetic to coffee, mate tea is greatly popular among coffee lovers. It helps to control appetite and contains about 21 minerals and vitamins. Learn more about mate tea or taste our Mate Teas.

Blooming Teas

Blooming tea, or flowering tea, would be a pleasant romantic gift for you significant other! It has a beautiful design along with some type of scent or flavor.
Taste our Blooming Teas.

Tea Blends

Tea blends usually combine several types of premium tea, thus having greater flavor and greater health benefits. Taste our Tea Blends or make one of your own!

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