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I regret indeed door handles

April 10, 2013

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Every glance turned upon her. She did her utmost to seem exactly as usual. After luncheonit was always her best timeMarya Dmitryevna seated herself in her own arm-chair and drew Window Locks and the old count to her. Well, my friends, I have thought the whole matter over now, and I'll tell you my advice, she began. Yesterday, as you know, I was at Prince Bolkonsky's; well, I had a talk with himHe thought fit to scream at me. But there's no screaming me down! I had it all out with him.


Well, but what does he mean? asked the count. He's crazyhe won't hear of it, and there's no more to be said. As it is we have given this poor girl worry enough, said Marya door hardware Dmitryevna. And my advice to you is, to make an end of it and go home to Otradnoeand there to wait. Oh no! cried Window Locks. Yes, to go home, said Marya Dmitryevna, and to wait there. If your betrothed comes here now, there'll be no escaping a quarrel; but alone here he'll have it all out with the old man, and then come on to you.


Count Ilya Andreitch approved of this suggestion, and at once saw all the sound sense of it. If the old man were to come round, then it would be better to visit him at Moscow or Bleak Hills, later on; if not, then the wedding, against his will, could only take place at Otradnoe. And that's perfectly true, said he. I regret indeed door handles

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